What is 60K Day?

In a sentence, it's a one-day fundraiser to raise $60,000 to sponsor a University of Minnesota Habitat home. But it's so much more than that. 60K Day is the opportunity to make new friends, build relationships, and unite our campus community. The opportunity to support a family in need. The opportunity to show we care.

This is where YOU come in! We are looking for members of the U of M community: student organizations, individuals, colleges, faculty and staff to help this family build the home they so deserve and need.

Who does it benefit?

Meet Kadra Musse and Noor Ahmed. They were forced to flee their home in Somalia as a result of a violent civil war. The couple is doing their best to raise their three teenage sons and twin four-year-old daughters, but a substandard living situation hasn’t made things easy. Both Noor and Kadra work full time, and after seven years and three application attempts, they have finally been accepted to be a Habitat family! Your donation will be used to help build their home in South Minneapolis.

Why are we doing all this?

As one of the largest college campuses in the country, we have the ability to improve the future of a family and our community. What will your donation add? A door that Kadra and Noor’s oldest son can close while he studies to earn his degree? A stove where Kadra can cook dinner for her family to keep them healthy and strong? Each donation to 60K Day has a tangible impact on the lives of this family. We, as parts of the larger university community can sponsor all the different pieces of a house that come together to make a home.